Photo by Melanie Crutchfield.

Hi there! 

I'm Lacey. I live in Oregon and I've been a Django consultant with REVSYS since 2017.

You might know me from:

  • DjangoCon US: I joined the organizing team in 2015 and have served as Diversity and Financial Aid Chair, Conference Co-Chair, and Conference Chair.

  • Django Girls: I organized four workshops in Portland and Austin in 2016-2017, was on the Support Team, and have coached at workshops.

  • Django Software Foundation: I served on the DSF Code of Conduct Committee in 2016. I'm also a Developer Member of the DSF.

  • Treehouse: I've taught courses on Django templates and the Django Admin.

  • The University of Texas at Austin: I went through their Software Developer Training Program in 2011 and worked as a developer in the Office of Admissions, the Graduate School, and Information Technology Services until 2017.


Photo from Unsplash.