Selfie by yours truly.

  • I work full-time as an engineer at REVSYS
  • I'm helping organize DjangoCon US 2018
  • In horseback riding, I'm working on two-point riding and possibly jumping.
  • I'm in year four of being a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters. My Little is in fifth grade.
  • I'm writing 6 articles this year for The Pastry Box
  • I'm co-writing a monthly Python column for
  • I'm still birdwatching!  
  • I've got three raised beds in the backyard for vegetables. Cabbage, lettuce, and carrots are going like gangbusters; tomatoes just went in and got a little shocked!  
  • I joined a gym and started sessions with a personal trainer. I've discovered I love lifting weights. 
  • I'll be at Wagtail Space US in June giving a talk! Hope to see you there!  

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