I love the cherry trees, rhododendrons, and azaleas that are coming alive right now. 

Selfie by yours truly.

  • I work full-time as an engineer at REVSYS
  • I'm helping organize DjangoCon US 2018
  • In horseback riding, I'm working on two-point riding and possibly jumping.
  • I'm in year four of being a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters. My Little is in fifth grade.
  • I'm writing 6 articles this year for The Pastry Box
  • I'm co-writing a monthly Python column for
  • I'm still birdwatching!  
  • I've got three raised beds in the backyard for vegetables. 
  • I joined a gym and started sessions with a personal trainer. I've discovered I love lifting weights. 
  • I'll be at PyCon US in May, and I'm speaking at DjangoCon Europe later the same month. 

This page is inspired by Jeff Triplett's Now Page, which was inspired by Derek Silver's Now Page Movement. It's current as of April 27, 2018