I'm home in Oregon for the winter. 

Selfie by yours truly.

  • I work full-time as an engineer at REVSYS
  • I'm helping organize DjangoCon US 2018
  • I'm looking for a new horseback riding instructor in northwest Oregon, where I recently bought a house.  
  • I'm in year four of being a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters. My Little is in fifth grade.
  • Goal for the first quarter of 2018 is to develop a regular meditation practice.
  • Keeping a Passion Planner for the first time. 
  • I've started birdwatching! I have a hummingbird feeder, suet feeder, and some seed trays, and I'm keeping track of the birds I see in my personal-goals repo. Did you know that one variety of hummingbirds is year-round in Oregon?

This page is inspired by Jeff Triplett's Now Page, which was inspired by Derek Silver's Now Page Movement. It's current as of January 24, 2018