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I speak at events all over the world on Django, the intersection of tech and the humanities, Docker, public speaking, and professional skills. Want me to speak at your event? Get in touch

Upcoming Talks

What if Jane Austen had been an engineer?
PyGotham 2018
October 5-6 in New York City, NY


An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts
DjangoCon US 2018
October 14-19 in San Diego, CA

Past Talks


What the Wagtail Docs Don't Tell You
Wagtail Space US 2018
Slides | Video

An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts
DjangoCon Europe 2018
Slides | Video


How to Propose a Conference Talk 
DjangoCon Europe 2018 (Lightning Talk) 
Slides | Video


Closing Remarks
DjangoCon US 2017
Slides | Video


With a Little Help From My Network
ACT-W Portland 2017


Hogwarts is a Terrible Learning Environment
Open Source Bridge 2016

Hermione Granger and the Wizard Information System
DjangoCon Europe 2016
Slides | Video


Your First Conference Proposal
PyLadies Remote Jan. 2016
Slides | Video


A Newcomer's Guide to Open Source Contribution
PyDX 2015
Slides | Video

Open Source and Higher Education
Postgres Open 2015 (Keynote)
Slides | Video


Jane Austen on PEP8: An English Major's Tips on Writing Better Code
DjangoCon US 2015
Slides | Video

A More Accessible Django Girls
Django Birthday 2015
Slides | Video