Photo by Bartek Pawlik.

Closing Remarks
DjangoCon US
August 2017 | Slides | Video

With a Little Help From My Network
ACT-W Portland
June 2017 | Slides

Hogwarts is a Terrible Learning Environment
Open Source Bridge
June 2016 | Slides

Hermione Granger and the Wizard Information System
DjangoCon Europe
March 2016 | Slides | Video

Your First Conference Proposal
PyLadies Remote
January 2016 | Slides | Video

A Newcomer's Guide to Open Source Contribution
October 2015 | Slides | Video

Open Source and Higher Education
Postgres Open, Keynote
September 2015 | Slides | Video

Jane Austen on PEP8: An English Major's Tips on Writing Better Code
DjangoCon US
September 2015 | Slides | Video

A More Accessible Django Girls
Django Birthday
July 2015 | Slides | Video