Free Talk Ideas for DjangoCon US 2018

Every year for DjangoCon US, the organizers get asked about what kinds of talks we're looking for. I can't speak for the rest of the organizing team, but for me it's been a wild year of learning new things. I've got a long list of topics I'd like to learn more about.

The wish list below is heavily influenced by the work I've been doing at my new job. What topics would you like to see onstage at DjangoCon US this year? Tweet us @djangocon! Then go submit your proposal.


I can always use a refresher on things like Django's built-in security features and other security stuff I should be enabling. Reminders about how to customize the admin are also helpful. Also, tell me what style rules I'm breaking! Is there an order my model methods should be in? Is it bad to name things Help me organize my code, people.


I'd love to see a Channels tutorial, as well as some talks on Channels. A beginners' talk would be fantastic, and I would welcome talks on Channels and testing or Channels with an app that scrapes an external API, or really any other "Channels and [topic]" talk.

Django REST Framework

Intermediate/advanced talks, especially that go into Viewsets and actions (formerly list_route and detail_route). Using DRF with a frontend like React. Testing DRF. Serializers for users with different permissions and why you might want that, securing your serializer, etc.


All the testing talks you can think of! But especially a talk that goes into deciding what to test, and a talk to teach me about mocking.


I'm using a lot of Docker these days, so talks that get me beyond-the-basics would be welcome. I'd also like to learn some Kubernetes, and if someone could give a talk that got me started with that, I'd be grateful! Talks that touch on using other things — Celery, Pipenv, etc. — with Docker would be rad too.

Professional Skills

Topics like tips on debugging, how to write technical documentation (especially blog posts and tutorials), onboarding new team members, and code review tips for both the coder and the reviewer.


I've just started using Wagtail, and I wound up in the not-shallow end. A talk that covered the basics (and the basic "gotchas"), and a talk that went into more advanced topics, would be the bee's knees.

For other talk ideas, see: