The Pastry Box Project: How to Feed the Birds

When confronted with a section of code that's messy and hard to understand in what is now your yard, so to speak, it's easy to want to cast blame and curse those that came before you and left you this mess without so much as a letter explaining how they got here.

This winter I fought with a squirrel over rights to a bird feeder and turned that into a metaphor for coding. Read about it over on The Pastry Box

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Five for Friyay: Useful Python and Django Libraries

Every day is a new adventure in a new job. I came into my job at REVSYS with not much production Python experience and my colleagues have been kind enough to share some time-saving and frustration-reducing libraries with me as I've been learning. This Friday, I'm sharing five libraries (technically, four libraries and a repo) that I've learned about in the last three months and fallen pretty much in love with. Enjoy!

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